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Pond Cleaning Services in Oregon - Storm Water Services Oregon

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Storm Water Services of Oregon understands how labor-intensive a process that pond cleaning can be, and we are here to help!

Pond cleaning services in Oregon may include:

  • Removing fish and safely keeping them for the duration of the cleaning.
  • Carefully removing and hydrating the plants.
  • Draining all the water.
  • Removing excess organic debris, known as sludge, muck, and slime.
  • Cleaning filter media.
  • Restoring natural bottom
  • Enhancing water quality
  • Reducing toxic gases
  • Expanding aquatic living spaces
  • Maintaining an undisturbed landscape
  • Acclimating the fish and plants to the new water conditions
  • Leaving fish and wildlife unharmed and much healthier

Storm Water Services offers pond cleaning, repair and maintenance for homeowners and businesses in Central Oregon and surrounding areas. Interested in learning more? Contact Storm Water Services today!

pond cleaning in Oregon by Storm Water Services of Oregon

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