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What is a Decant Facility? - Storm Water Services Oregon

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Storm Water Services operates a decant facility in Redmond, Oregon.

Here's what a decant facility is all about:

Q: What is a decant facility?

A: A decant facility is a large concrete pad where stormwater waste (retrieved from catch basins & drywells) can be properly disposed of.

Q: What is the purpose of a decant facility?

A: Stormwater drainage systems can contain above normal concentrations of contaminates such as dissolved heavy metals, heavy oil and gasoline. If left untreated, this sediment could result in contamination to the the environment. The decant facility is in place to receive, process and dispose of those contaminates.

Q: How does the decant facility work?

A: A vactor truck delivers the waste to the decant facility where the sediment and fluids properly settle and dry.  It is an environmentally safe process that is monitored and tested for compliance with state regulations.

Q: Who can use the decant facility?

A: The decant facility is be open to the public by appointment only.

Contact Storm Water Services of Oregon to learn more and make an appointment.

Decant Facility in Redmond Oregon - Storm Water Services Oregon

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