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Hydro-Excavation & Vac-Truck Services


Storm Drain Cleaning

Storm Water Service’s vactor trucks are equipped to remove sediment, water, and debris from a wide range of storm drains.  Since these storm drains are so effective, routine maintenance is needed to keep them working properly and keeping them from failure.  If not properly cleaned and maintained, a dry-well can fail.  Dry-well replacement can cost anywhere from $12,000-$35,000+.  It is critical to protect your site’s expensive storm water control systems and avoid unnecessary repair and replacement.  


Storm Water Service’s vac truck uses high water pressure to remove rock and dirt in a non-invasive and safe manner.  

The following are a list of hydro-excavating services we offer:

  • Potholing
  • Dig hole for signage
  • Utility locating
  • Exposing all underground utilities
  • Trenching
  • Day-lighting
  • Spill Cleanup
  • Underground utility locating and exposing

Pond Cleaning

Storm Water Service’s vac truck quickly and easily removes silt and other debris that dirty and clog your irrigation ponds.  No job is too big or too small. 

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