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Maintenance & Cleaning


Maintenance and Cleaning


We provide maintenance for all storm water controls such as dry-wells, catch basins, drill holes, sumps, oil/water separators, sedimentation manholes, etc. 

These storm water controls are used to prevent pollutants from entering the subsurface, which have the ability to directly contaminate our drinking water. This is why periodic cleaning/removal of the sediment, oil, garbage, hydrocarbons, (etc.) is so critical.

Another key reason for routine maintenance is to ensure the longevity of the storm drain itself. We have seen first-hand how underground injection control (UIC) devices such as dry-wells, drill holes and infiltration trenches can fail due to little or no maintenance. Once a dry-well fails, the only option may be a complete retro-fit, costing the property owner thousands of dollars. 

We offer our clients flexible site-specific contracts for routine maintenance. Depending on the site and the storm drain type, maintenance will be scheduled and performed on a quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

Our storm water maintenance services include the following:

✔️ Cleaning - sediment, water and debris removal from storm-drains, and jet-rodding storm lines.

✔️ Remove and replace exhausted filters as needed.

✔️ Event Sampling - perform a sediment sample for testing.
✔️ Sediment disposal according to local, state and federal regulations.
✔️ Submitting required maintenance reports to the DEQ when applicable.
✔️ Visual Inspections of the site to check sediment levels, check structures and other pipes for blockage.

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