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Green Alternatives

Pollution is a common contaminant of storm water runoff, including pollutants like nitrogen, phosphorus from fertilizers, pet waste, and landscaping by-products. Heavy rainfall and snow melt can cause certain wastewater systems to overflow their contents of untreated sewage to nearby rivers, streams, and other bodies of water.

Fortunately, we have green infrastructure technology which is helping address these added environmental pollution issues. Green infrastructure, such as rain gardens, pervious pavement, and green roofs, help slow the excess runoff, spreading it our more evenly. This allows the storm water to soak into the ground evenly, or provide an opportunity to be utilized on-site. Furthermore, these “low impact development” alternatives are effective because many of their plant-based systems add natural filters which remove pollutants from the water, and return their flow to a more natural course.

Storm Water Services can assist in the design and development for many green lawn alternatives, including the following:
  • Vegetated Swale
  • Dry Ponds
  • Wet Ponds
  • Infiltration Ponds
  • Retention Ponds
  • Flow Through Planters
  • Pervious Pavers/Pavement

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